The World has continuously remained in a state of systemic flux, meanwhile black swan event in the shape of Covid-19 has disrupted the ‘business as usual’. Economies around the world have been experiencing an economic decline similar to the great depression of 1930s. New Normals are emerging in global order as the borderless pandemic continues to leave lasting impact on the political futures around the world. Experts say the New Normal in 2025 will be far more Tech-Driven, presenting more big challenges. The broad adoption of “remote” processes – telework, telemedicine, virtual schooling, e-commerce and more – is growing. In 2025, there will be more people working from home, more virtual social and entertainment interactions and fewer forays in public than has been in the case in recent years.

GBRSP has signed Implementing Partner Agreement (IPA) with Beyond Future Group for Information Communication Technology (ICT)/ Creating Online Employment Opportunities through Digital Workplace Development & eSkills. Beyond Future Group which is aligned to SDG 1,4,5,8 aims to provide ICT/ eSkills Training to the youth of Gilgit Baltistan to generate e-Employment and contribute to the economy of Pakistan.