Partnerships & Fundraising

Partnership is a process through which an organization cultivate collaborative relationships with other organizations, create synergy in their efforts and attract different resources. These resources may include financial, material, human and knowledge based resources which are to be used to produce positive outcomes in development interventions.

Funding and grants are lifeline of organizations working in development sector. Capacity and sustainability of such organizations and their programmatic interventions are closely associated with the resources which they already have or capacity to attract them. P&F therefore, is considered an important section/function in an organization because it brings in the resources required to successfully deliver on ambitious targets and strategy of the organization.

P&F section in Gilgit-Baltistan Rural Support Programme (GBRSP) is responsible to take lead in effective contract management of current partners and grants while proactively cultivating new partners and donors including bilateral and multilateral donors. Institutional partners and donors can either be from public sector or private sector or civil society. Partnership and fundraising section works closely with other sections of GBRSP to design demand driven projects and develop innovative proposals for donors.